Monday, November 1, 2010

Strange Desires

I must admit, I'm a news junkie. Not main stream media, as it's terribly slanted and full of half truths and lies. No, I get my news from all over the place. Not just from the Internet sources, but foreign short wave broadcasts. At some deep level, I really want to know what's going on.

Then there's the flip side of my personality, the part that wants to live like a hermit. Maybe a bit more of that is coming back into play. Lately I've had the strangest desire for good poetry. Nothing too recent. Perhaps some 17th century English poetry to start things off.

Why poetry, of all things? Well, journalism speaks to my analytical mind. Poetry speaks to more instinctual levels. Good poets knew something about the human condition and could speak to people's hearts. Maybe that's what I need lately -less mind and more heart.



  1. Barney, the Old Fat Man, posted a picture of a sailing boat for sale on his blog. I bet you made a better purchase, what do you think?

    Here is link to Barney's blog:

  2. I hope to heck I made a better purchase. It's what a Craigslist ad would call "needs a little TLC, but currently in the water." Of course, they'd say that if it was under water too.

  3. Hey! I saw that boat last weekend! Has some really nice lichens growing on deck, I hear they're good for traction. Or maybe that's the other way around... Heh, anyhoo, small world ain't it? Rockport ain't but a hop, skip, and a jump from here.

  4. when you do your wirring, do the next size up if possible. and color code it where each goes. makes future fixing less frustrating.



  5. Stay with the heart is advice I give myself. We will need heart long after our mind leaves us. Hmm?