Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Restrictions on travel

The government hasn't done enough by screwing up air travel. Now they are considering trains, boats, buses and metro systems. Scanners scanners everywhere.

It's a wonderful idea if you are in the scanner business, but not such a good idea if you love freedom. Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia didn't have as many checkpoints.

Are they trying to reduce unemployment by greatly expanding the TSA? Picture TSA agents and scanners at every point of entry for every type of transportation. How huge and powerful would such an agency be? Imagine the drag on the economy. All the people and resources tied up in in nonproductive work. The electric power demands from all the new scanners would be considerable. Travel in general would become more expensive and time consuming.

Is that the America we want to live in? Could we face the scorn of our children and grandchildren if we let it happen? What kind of world do we want to leave them?

I've never met a terrorist. The only people I've met who've been taking away my freedoms wear American flags on their uniforms. It's a disgrace.



  1. never met a government approved terrorist?

    just look in a mirror as I do!

    it's a wonderful world...


  2. I so hope "Opt Out Day" goes off in a big way. It's time to start pushing the rock back up the hill...

  3. Glad a significant number of people are pushing back. We may rediscover that together we are strong.

  4. People may push back, but I don't think enough will to make a difference. Soon, expect to see someone 'caught' at a scanner/grope session in order to strengthen the case for even more of these checkpoints.

  5. Disgrace indeed! Happy Thanksgiving anyway Bro!


  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you too China.