Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back from the Shadows Again!

Sorry if anyone was concerned about my disappearance. Haven't been off-line much since I started this blog.

We were staying with friends in northern FL who are pretty much off the radar. They don't even have Internet access. We slept in a tent, gathered around the campfire and ate some barbecue. Hung out with their horses, cats, dogs, and assorted other critters.

My friend gave my wife and I two days of sailboat instruction. Set up the rigging, ran up the sails, and checked out everything. Unfortunately, there was zero wind on the day we had free for sailing. Spent it doing more classroom type instruction. Got some good info on sailboat improvements.

Today I'm down to my dad's. Just managed to set up a wifi system on his Internet connection. That way I don't have to use his ancient steam powered computer. His machine is fine if you just want to play solitaire.

Pretty beat. More later. Maybe even a photo or two.



  1. Steam powered? HA! Mine runs off a water wheel... Sounds like fun my friend. Don't worry, the wind is never too far off. Around here, we often get more than we bargained for...

  2. soundsd like you were attending a "rainbow family" event...if am remembering right wifi, even cell phones have zombie zones in northern florida when traveling through there five years ago.... meanwhile hope you have fun in the sun!


  3. After all sailing is 90% boredom
    10% shear terror...

  4. Soak up all that warm sunshine while you can, buddy!

    I'm certainly glad you had the chance to get some hands on training in the art of sailing! That's something I would like to try some day!

    Stay warm, Stay wet, and maybe get a little fishing in!

  5. ...have an extra helpin' fer me while yer there...

  6. Mayberry: looks like a good week coming up.
    Wildflower:not an event, but people who used to be surf bums.
    Spud: could use some nice relaxing boredom.
    Hermit: working on it.
    Ken, will do.

  7. Hope you have great weather and just the right amount of wind for the rest of your stay.

  8. If ya ever want to know what not to do, where it comes to sailing. Feel free to ask cuz I've probly done it. LOL

  9. Six, glad you made it down OK. I hope its warmer further south than where I am as its been in the 30's both nights this weekend.
    Happy sailing!