Monday, February 21, 2011

You don't need to be on an island to be on island time

Did next to nothing today, and I didn't feel bad about it at all. Some days the best thing to do is to turn sunlight into vitamin D.

My lovely wife and I did take a little trip to the marine store. Bought a few boaty bits. It's a real treat to be able to get simple things like a new deck plate. Nice to be able to pick something right off the shelf. People complain about the lack of boat parts in exotic locations. The Great North Woods of New Hampshire, as far as sailboats are concerned, is an exotic location. Glad I waited to do the final repairs and upgrades down here in Florida.

Keeping an eye on the world wide revolutions. Tunisia was an eye opener, but not too strategically important. Egypt is of strategic importance. Something like 7% of the world's trade moves through the Suez Canal. Then there is the peace treaty with Israel. Mubarack was many things, but as far as the west was concerned, he was reliable.

Libya is a whole new can of worms -it's a significant oil exporter. Foreign oil workers are fleeing the country. Oil prices are on the rise. Things could get interesting.

Sitting in a sailboat, it all seems a bit unreal. The wind blows, the boat moves, and all is well. It's only when we get back to shore when things gets complicated.



  1. Too bad we can't stay on island time a little more!

    Enjoy, my friend!

  2. With todays world situation. You are in good shape as you have the ultimate BOV. Think Ten Thousand Islands if SHTF. Ya still need that dink , although with a swing keel you can beach on a sandy shore...

  3. Spud, I'm thinking. Every time we take the boat out, we add more gear and supplies for long term travel. It's only prudent if we ever had problems out there and can't get back. Also prudent if we decided to stay out there.

  4. Great post on relaxation and how our perspective changes based on where we are. Soak in all the vitamin D you can and happy sailing.

  5. That's one thing about Florida which is good besides the sun. Food is plentiful if ya know where to look. Equipment, probably is most important here. Got a fishin pole and tackle, some shelter, little bit of foraging you can survive.