Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wind and Spray

There's not a lot to photograph out there in the Gulf. Under those white clouds is the land. Not a lot of company out there today. We did see a nice good sized cruising cat, but we didn't see it for long. It was moving.

Got a bit more wind than predicted. My lovely wife pushed the boat a bit. Had it up close to its 5.5 knot max.

This time the motor started on one pull and never stalled. Everything functioned well. All the tweaking and adjusting is paying off. In the process of planning our first overnight.

Did clip a rock with the swing keel. Quickly lifted it up and got out of there. Then my lovely wife pointed out it was clearly marked on the chart. Won't let me forget that one. No harm done. I'll check the chart a lot closer next time.

In the morning, we are heading to the east coast to see the shuttle blast off. Almost the last chance to do so. Don't know how she did it, but my wife found us a camping site near the launch site. How cool is that?



  1. How about some pics of the inside? Sounds like the wife did good on finding a camping spot from which you can see the launch...or be close enough to take a short drive to watch!

    Glad you are having a good time on the water!

  2. Oh, there's a LOT to photograph in the Gulf. Had any dolphins playing in your bow wave yet? Seen any 200 lb. loggerhead turtles? How about a spotted eagle ray sunning itself on the surface? Give it a bit, you'll definitely find many photo worthy moments. I wish we had digital photography when I was able to go offshore!

  3. You are right Mayberry. Never took shots of the manta rays or the sea otter. Too busy doing the sailing thing at the time.

  4. Camping spot ? Jeez dude, ya should have just towed the boat over. You can get even closer to the launch ! Not to mention there's probly about a million places to anchor and sail over here that are all protected waters.

  5. You wanna learn to sail and get used to the boat by camping out ? Just can't beat going down the ICW and turning inland at Saint Lucy inlet then going across the state to Ft. Myers. The okeechobie water way is awsome. Especially easy for a swing keel boat. Have done it numerous times, unforgetable each time.

  6. Man there were more tourists on the island today than flies on fresh cow pie. Sure hope ya found a place to stand big guy LOL. Was a purty launch. Cept for the Tile that I think that I saw falling off watching the NASA feed....