Sunday, February 13, 2011

Boat Repair in Exotic Locations

Most likely will not get out on the water until Tuesday. Sunday was spent driving around Florida looking for sailboat stuff. There isn't anything back home. Try finding boat supplies in northern NH during the winter.

We were able to get everything on my list. I knew that marine supply stores were expensive, but there's expensive and there's marine expensive. Ouch! At least I had a fairly short list. Some things there are no good substitutes for. Picked up those little parts that become offerings to Neptune. Backups, it's all about backups.

By the time everything was gathered up, there wasn't enough time to install it all. Eventually ran out of daylight. There is always tomorrow. Decided to get everything done right before heading out into the Gulf. Most likely make enough mistakes. Best to get everything squared away that I can while on dry land. At least I'm working in my shorts and T-shirt.

One of the cool things about this project is that I get to do projects with my dad. He's still darn clever. Lots of fun to solve problems together. He's not afraid to tackle new things, even at his age. It's a good feeling to see he still hasn't lost it.



  1. I miss mucking around in boats with my Dad. One reason why I want one so bad, to lure him down from the farmstead once in a while...

  2. Sounds like a very good plan to me and a very good way to spend some quality time with the old man!

    Too bad more folks don't do that very same thing!

    Enjoy the shorts weather!

  3. Man this sunday I had on my thermals, just goes to show that if you live down here long enough, you can never go back north.
    Have fun Bear man.