Friday, February 4, 2011

One More Delay

Originally, I'd planned on leaving the frozen north by February first. One thing or another kept pushing the date off until Saturday the fifth. As of Friday night, the truck is mostly packed, the boat's loaded, and we could be on the road by Saturday -but we won't.

This time it's by choice. Another storm is coming up the coast. It's not supposed to be bad here in NH. Only about 3 inches of snow is expected in my area. I'm not too worried about driving in that. However, further south, it looks like a nasty mix of snow and freezing rain. The thought of driving in the Boston/New York corridor in those conditions is not a good one.

Sunday, conditions look much better. That's the current departure date.

I'd like to thank my buddy Jeff for helping me load up the heavy things. Beats the heck out of doing it alone. The old back has been complaining.

Shoveled out the sailboat again. Always feels a bit odd doing that. Probably have snow and ice on the boat until we get deep in the south. Should be an interesting trip.



  1. There's always something... You'll get there though, you're smarter than the average bear!

  2. At least I'm not heading to frozen Texas. My in-laws in east TX had a dusting of snow.

  3. am predicting when you finally leave it be time to return from florida...

    prove me wrong??


  4. Wildflower, don't expect to start heading until the middle of April -later if I could only convince my wife.

  5. Smart man, you don't want to be traveling with a full load like that through ice, that is baaaaad juju.

    Better to wait until the roads are clear, even if it is a day or two.

    Good luck to you, let the crazies go by in the fast lane and just plod along.
    I used to be one of those crazies, I wrecked 29 cars in ten years, totaled most of them. Now that I am older and can't see for shit, if someone comes flying up on my ass, I just pull over and let 'em go by.

    Safe travels to you and let us know what is going on with ya when you get a chance.


  6. Sailors are not fast, yet we get there with very little stress. Plus we know how ta take a good blow.

  7. Wise words Spud. I'll get there when I get there.

  8. No hurries,no worries mate. Watch out for yankees! Oh that's right! You see one every time ya look in the mirror lol.

  9. Let's see if I have this right. It's the war of Northern Aggression. States' Rights. Sherman's retreat to the sea?

  10. Just don't try ta "civilize" the locals and ya'll do jes fine. LMAO

  11. Not civilized my own self. Always try to take people as they are.