Friday, February 18, 2011

Sailing photos

Retrieved the camera and downloaded the photos.

Old Sixbears at the end of the day.

Navigation success! There's the light at the beginning of the channel.

My lovely wife and Brownie the Sailor Dog.

Heading back out Saturday morning. Taking advantage of excellent weather.


  1. Livin the dream. A cheese burger in paradise.


  2. Can you tell us about where you're sailing? Like nearby city or what channel. My old shrimper here is interested. Showed him the photos and he just sighed. Sure looks relaxing.

  3. Sailed out of Bayport. It's near Weeki Wachee.

  4. Sweet! Oh hell, my drool is shorting out the keyboard...

  5. lots of happiness from a cheap old sailboat. Glad we didn't spend our money "wisely."

  6. Hey bro, where's your dinghy ? If your going down to the keys you will need one. Can't take the big boat to shore always, really will limit where ya can go.
    Money was well spent in my book, best bug out vehicle there is.

  7. Dinghy? Not a lot of room for one on a 19 foot boat. Have yet to convince my wife we need one. Thinking of getting an inflatable once she realizes one would be handy.

  8. Tow that thingy called a dingy. Got a hard rowing dink ya can borrow, just gotta come to Melbourne ta pick it up. More than welcome.

    Let me know, be glad ta get it ready for you...

  9. Oh man, my old shrimper is really jealous now. Says, sail on up to Sea Ranch on the Gulf in Hudson and take a picture of his old neighborhood. He lived on Veronica Drive. Now he's really misty eyed.

    Seriously though, it's so great to have the freedom and time to enjoy the simple life in another environment. More pictures please.

  10. Spud, just might take you up on that. Darn nice offer. Expect to be making our way down to the Keys next month.
    My lovely wife has yet to see the need, but I've always thought one to be worth it.

    Treesong: Sounds like a plan. I'll see what we can do.