Saturday, February 19, 2011

Defeated by the weekend warriors

Made it as far as the boat landing today. Forgot it was the weekend. Seems everyone in Florida with a boat and trailer was trying to launch a boat. We were in the back of the line. Unlike most of the people there, we don't have to squeeze all our fun into one weekend. Decided it would be a good day to hang out by the pool. We'll be back.

If we get an early start on the day, we'll try again Sunday. However, my lovely wife is not a morning person. Still, it could happen. The boat is ready to go. Should Sunday not work out, there is always Monday. Stress is the enemy here.



  1. Water, water everywhere here in Florida but very few boat ramps. I gave up boating several years ago because of the lack of ramps and getting up at 5:00am just to get a place to park the truck and trailer after launching took the fun out of it.
    Hope you get out tomorrow and enjoy this great weather we're having!

  2. most annoying are those whom block the damn ramp either getting ready for launch or those whom need to prep it for towing....

    occasionally include those stuck because they launched boat, trailer, and truck..

    avoid weekend crazies please..


  3. I'm glad to live in coastal Texas! There are six ramps within a 10 minute drive, and I've never had to wait very long, if at all. Now if I only had a boat : )