Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where no wind blows

Did not take the boat out today. Not enough wind to make it worthwhile. Heading out Thursday morning. My wife insists we are heading out, wind or no wind, and that's fine with me.

Found new plugs for the motor. Keeping the old ones as spares. Washed the road grime off the hull. Straightened out the lines. Practiced with the GPS. Entered some interesting waypoints. Studied the charts with my wife this time. She has a much better feel for the conditions around here. Time spent in prep should make it better on the water. Will let you know.

Also caught up with some old friends in the area. They've been down here for about a year. Like many people, they started spending a few months in the worse of the winter. Now, like my dad, they are year round Floridians. Blood gets thin, I guess. My dad gets angry when it's too cold to wear short pants. He never wore shorts up north. Go figure.

In the evening I catch what's going on in the world. Frankly, I'm glad I've been distracted by my sailboat. While boats are a sickness, (Mariner's Disease), it's healthier than following the news.



  1. SEE! Your Dad and I feel the same! Wearing long pants sucks : ) Just a few more weeks 'til it's shorts time... You want wind, I'll send you some of ours. Was blowing 30+. Spring has sprung in south Texas...

  2. I'm in shorts right now. Addicting, isn't it?