Monday, April 18, 2022

April options

Today’s weather is supposed to be fairly decent. Decent for the Great North Woods in April kinda decent -mostly sunny and temps in the 50s. I’m thinking of taking the scooter a couple towns over for its state required inspection. After renewing the registration the inspection should take place within ten days. It would be nice to get that done before the northeaster pummels us with sleet and snow. The weather folks are predicting 3.5 inches in our area. 

You know that old saying: “April showers bring May flowers?” Here it’s more like:  “April blizzards freeze your gizzards.”

One spring we postponed a wilderness canoe trip due to getting 5 inches of snow. The next weekend we went and temperatures got all the way up to 70. It was a beautiful trip. 

Taking the scooter for a ride to get the inspection would be a fun indulgence. What definitely has to be done is to prepare for the storm. I want to move a lot of woodstove fuel onto the porch. It’s a lot nicer to get it from the porch than from under a tarp in the yard during a snowstorm. 

By the end of the week better weather will be here again. It’s all part of living in out in the country.


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