Sunday, April 3, 2022

Fossil Fuel Folly

Recent events clearly demonstrate the problems with being reliant on fossil fuels. It’s a serious security concern. Do you really want to be reliant on an oppressive anti-democratic government like Saudi Arabia -or Russia? 

European countries are now dealing with that very issue. On the bright side, spring is coming. Europe will not be nearly so reliant on Russia to keep from freezing. That will give them time to find other fuel sources for the near term. One thing European countries are doing is greatly accelerating their transition to renewable energy. Being good for the environment is one thing, but now national security is at stake.  Time to get serious. 

The US should also be getting serious. Our national security is at stake. Then again, the clean energy bit would be nice too. 

I had the great displeasure of experiencing a Texas fracking operation up close and personal. A drilling rig went up right across the road from my in-laws. It was awful. The house constantly vibrated. The noise never stopped. If the wind was wrong the air was filled with nasty choking chemicals. The crick that ran though the property had a nasty sheen of petroleum. Had that sort of pollution taken place here in New Hampshire there would have been hefty fines or perhaps even jail time. Things are different in TX. My in-laws didn’t have much of a problem with it but they are getting a tiny check from the oil company. I wonder how they’ll feel if their water well is contaminated too. 

On a personal level, I think I’m done purchasing heating oil. I’ve got to do my part, no matter how small. 



  1. C'mon man!

    How much stock ya got in 'Green Energy' companies...owned by corrupt Chicoms?

    Tell Nancy we said Hi.

    'New Green Deal'? Or 'Old Red Scam'?