Saturday, April 23, 2022

Freedom of the open road?

In late 2019 I was thinking about doing the full time RV gig. It was something of a passing thought and I’m glad it passed. What happened is that my lovely wife and I had spell of wet and cool tent camping. You get crazy ideas after sitting around in a wet tent. Good thing the feeling passed. 

RV living is not what it used to be. Just a few years ago it was much easier. There were a lot more free camping spots.  Campgrounds were less expensive and fuel was cheap. Free public land has been closed to camping due to overuse, litter, property destruction and unruly behavior. There are even fewer Walmarts that will let you stay overnight. 

During the pandemic RV camping became really popular. Lots of new people got into the lifestyle. Too many new people didn’t know how to behave. Disgusted mom and pop campgrounds sold out to big corporations. The new owners put in new rules and higher prices. RV manufactures had difficulty getting parts. Demand was high and a lot of RVs were slapped together. Poor quality will plague the industry for years. 

Tent camping doesn’t look too bad right now. My lovely wife and I have a week booked on the coast of Maine this summer. I’ve also got some stealth scooter camping planned. I’ve a black cover for the scooter and a small dark green tent. I don’t have to get all that far off the road to disappear. 


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