Sunday, April 24, 2022

Scooter Trip

We finally got a break from the rain and occasional snow. Some errands were piling up and I decided to use the scooter to run them. My lovely wife gets a major discount on one of her medications. The catch is the only pharmacy in the area offering that deal is over 40 miles away. Both cars are in need of work. One is getting fixed on Tuesday, the other has to wait until May 5th. With the break in the weather the scooter looked like a good idea. When I left the house temperatures were in the 40s. Briefly they got into the low 50s. I bundled myself up and it wasn’t a problem.

I’m big guy on a little Honda PCX 150 scooter. Good thing the speed limits around here top off at 55. Most of my travel was on 40 – 50 mph roads. That’s where the scooter performs well. Sure, once today I hit 65 on the little bike, but that was downhill with a tailwind. 

In the course of the day I hit the pharmacy, two different Tractor Supplys and did a week’s worth of groceries. The previous owner had purchased a nice set of saddle bags that go on and off the scooter in about a minute. Very handy for cargo. In the end I did about 125 miles through the hills on about 6 bucks worth of gas. Not too bad at all.

I also had one heck of a good time. It’s a fun little bike.


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