Friday, April 22, 2022

The Year of Gardens

The price and availability of food are issues we have to deal with. I don’t think food will be unavailable. Good food at a good price might be. A lot of my friends have decided to go all in with gardens this year. They aren’t new to gardening. This is the year those gardens are going to be bigger and more intensely managed. 

Unfortunately, my gardening space is fairly limited and already maxed out. What I do have is access to good fishing and wild foods. If you’ve noticed the price of good quality fresh fish lately you many have gone into shock. I’ve heard that the price of lobster is expected to be in the $100 - $125 a pound range. That’s insane. Fresh lobster rolls from the coast of Maine will be off my menu. What will be on the menu is crayfish from the lake outside my door. 

Our household already eats beans and rice dishes on a regular basis. Fresh herbs and veggies thrown into the mix makes a big difference. Make sure you are well stocked on spices and know how to use them. It might be a good time to expand your palate. I grew up with the New England spice rack: salt and pepper. By learning to use spices the same basic ingredients can be a variety of dishes: Asian, Mexican, Indian, and others. Heck, even a good hot sauce can make the same basic foods a lot more interesting. 

If you can’t garden this year, maybe pick up some heirloom seeds anyway and you’ll have them for next year.



  1. yea, what you sais.
    i expanded my plot a little bit. i now have twice as much garden as i do house. as i retired in january, i will be able to do more up keep with no time problems. and can't wait till the lake warms up a little more and i can finally start wetting a line.

    1. Trout season starts on my lake tomorrow. Looking forward to a good fishing season.