Thursday, April 14, 2022

Catching up

I took a long break from the blog. Basically, there wasn’t a lot going on. Being in a high covid risk group our household locked down pretty hard. That’s the choice we made. Travel was curtailed. We took in our niece for the duration. Frankly, it just wasn’t that interesting. As things open up we are doing more. 

In my previous post I mentioned doing some work on the Honda PCX 150 scooter. Currently the issue is setting the bead on the new tire. That should be sorted in a day or two and then the scoot can be put back together. 

The weather hasn’t been all that great anyway. The snow just melted out of the yard. The ice has started to break up on the lake. It’s open water around the edges. The ice has turned dark and there’s a lot of pencil ice. It shouldn’t be too much longer. Right now it’s in the 40s and raining. Still woodstove weather. 

One of the things I plan on doing with the scooter is to continue riding the Northeast Back Country Discovery Route. Most of the Maine and NH sections were knocked off last summer. It’s been hilarious to be on back roads with giant expensive ADV bikes. The scooter has been able to go everywhere but the more technical sections. Deep water crossings are also an issue. As long as I go slow and avoid the worse sections it’s pretty safe. 

In 2023 there will be another running of the Scooter Cannonball. That’s worth looking up if you like to see crazy people doing stupid things. I’m really tempted to participate. With that in mind I’m getting in better condition and learning how to do roadside scooter repair. Even if I don’t do the official run I might do a cross country trip on my own. 

Years ago I was tempted to participate in the Florida Challenge. It’s a small sailboat race down the Gulf Coast of Florida, ending in the Keys. While I didn’t run it, my wife and I took our Oday 19 sailboat down the coast and covered about 90% of the course. We took longer and really got to enjoy the experience. 

While I’m getting older I think I have a few more adventures in me yet. 


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