Saturday, April 16, 2022

Feeling great joy

Well that was interesting. Did you ever do one of those jobs that took way longer than it should have? Back when I owned a decommissioned diesel ambulance it gifted me one of those experiences. The 7.3 Powerstroke engine had a fuel filter right in the middle of the engine. The first time I changed the filter it took hours and some blood. Eventually that filter could be changed in under 20 minutes -in the dark -in the rain. 

Changing the rear tire on my little Honda PCX 150 scooter gave me another one of those experiences. I thought that after all the hassle of getting the new tire mounted and inflated, putting the wheel on would be easy. It would have been had I not tried to put parts together out of order -about six times in a row. Like an idiot I’d forgotten exactly how it came apart. Then the shop manual was a just a bit vague in that one section. 

Eventually I stopped assuming I knew what I was doing and figured it out for real. 

The I went for a glorious ride about the lake. While a short ride, it was a joyful one. Nothing seized up or fell off. Success. 

To make matters even more enjoyable, the ice had just melted off the lake. That’s my unofficial start to spring. Ice-out was about a week ahead of the average, around April 21. There’s about a month’s leeway when that will happen, from about April 10 to May 10, give or take. While it hasn’t been a super warm spring here, there’s been plenty of rain and wind to break up the ice. So between having my toy ready and the lake open, it was a good day. 

Of course, there’s more rain and even some snow in the forecast, but that’s life in the Great North Woods. 


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