Thursday, September 28, 2023

Long Way Home

It happened to me once again. I was less than a mile from home when I encountered a road block. Power lines were down in the road. My one mile trip turned into a 10 mile detour. I’d been riding the scooter as the weather was nice during the afternoon, but it was cooling off fast. I was ready to be home. 

It was a relief to see both my cars sitting in the driveway. That meant nobody from my household had crashed into a power pole. Much to my surprise the grid was up and running. Someone did a good job on the line repair. 

It wouldn’t had been a big issue had the grid been down. The new inverter is running well. Unlike the old modified sine wave inverter the new one is true sine wave and runs my induction stove top just fine. It’s still a bit warm to light the cook woodstove just to cook dinner. 

Living out in the country power outages are to be expected. Repairs can take a while as they deal with the more populated areas first. Fortunately this was a very local event so they got to it right away. Had it been something like a massive storm repairs could take a long long time. My biggest issue wasn’t with the power but with the detour and that really wasn’t too awful. 



  1. Fortunately the pole jocks in our neighborhood are very good at their jobs. Glad it didn't get to cold. A bike in the chilly breeze to far from home can get Les Misérables. 80)

    1. I used to keep a second jacket in the scoot but mice got into it and ripped the stuffing out.

  2. Linemen are heroes. Right up there to Firemen and EMS.

    Other than the detour it sounds like the scooter ride was nice?