Sunday, September 24, 2023

Stupid Political Games

Looks like there’s another potential government shutdown in the works. 

With all the problems in the world the House thinks it’s a good idea to throw in some economic turmoil on top of everything else. There are plenty of real problems. One would think politicians would be busy enough solving problems, but that’s not what they do.

It’s also kinda twisted that so many people who support a government shutdown actually depend a lot on the government. Unless you refuse Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other programs you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you. Too many people don’t even know they benefit from a lot of programs. However, they will scream when their mortgage or home improvement loan can’t be processed. 

I’m not a fan of government waste, but private business often does nothing at all or is even more wasteful. Trust me, nobody wants to go back to private fire departments. 

We can contact our representatives and tell them to get back to doing real work. At the same time prepare for a politically caused economic downturn. 



  1. Yes, stupid politics.

    We the People get shut off while the proxy war in Ukraine continues to get all the funding they want.

    Who voted for Ukraine the 52nd special state?

  2. My job depends on government funds. When we don't get the bucks there are job losses and the kids don't get the services that they deserve. For me it's all about the children, students, and future citizens. United we stand, divided we get our asses beat. Any guesses which language we should start learning, just in case?

  3. Good question Spanish seems to be what my English as a Second Language teacher friends do the most of.

    Probably Chinese as they seem to remember too well the Opium Wars and have mastered that with cheap street drugs (at a PROFIT even) on our streets.

    1. Remember the Scifi movie with Harrison Ford where cyborgs didn't know they weren't human? They were speaking a language that was a smash of Chinese, Spanish, and English. Interesting.

    2. I remember the smoky dystopian hellscape of Bladerunner. Rich people with personal armed bodyguard cadres and the rest of us thought roasted rat street food was a blessing.

    3. Incomplete thought, sounds a little like Chicago, eh? The Rich and Politically connected have police "details" and the rest of us, not so much, eh?

      Or the "eat the bugs and lab meat" while our better dine at Versailles?

      Was INTERESTING to SEE who else was there enjoying this Grand Event. A LOT of eat the bugs folks including Kerry and even an ex-president?

    4. Bladerunner, that's it. I was having a senior moment.