Saturday, September 23, 2023

What To Expect When You Hit The SOS Button On The Garmin InReach

Garmin InReach

I own a Garmin inReach satellite device. Normally I use it for three things: text communications where there's no cell service, weather reports, and navigation. 

The real reason I got one was for a feature I hope to never use: the SOS button. This video is a good real world example of what happens when you push that button. 

For me there are two big take aways. First of all it works. The second thing is to make sure you spring for the rescue insurance. Things like copter rides from the back country are expensive.



  1. To think that I used to hike into that same area .
    Solo and before gps was even a dream.
    Did it once from north to south without a map and no compass either. Back then you might not see anyone else either. Probably at that time was about the most isolated place you could be in the lower 48.
    Sadly , now days you'd be lucky to go a single day without seeing others.
    Still is one of the most beautiful places in America

    1. I did similar things in the Great North Woods. Went 6 days without seeing anyone. No phone or gps in those days, like you said.

      I think she would have been in serious trouble without rescue.

      Unfortunately people think they can call rescue and magically get rescued. People on Mt. Washington have died while talking on their cell phones to rescue crews who could not reach them due to the weather conditions.

  2. She was very, very lucky. I grew up in them general hills. Back then we didn't go anywhere without an itinerary and letting someone important know. All this new fangled satellite stuff didn't exist yet. Now adays I can't afford to be rescued.

    1. Hey John, it's only money -and money is an illusion.

    2. Yes, an illusion that buys cheese sandwiches, pays a car payment, and keeps this fancy Tipi over my head. Of course, I might be an illusion to. 80)