Monday, September 25, 2023

Troops Home by Christmas

People are wondering how long the war in Ukraine will go on. The good news: the troops will be home before Christmas. The bad news: we don’t which Christmas. 

How long was the US in Afghanistan again? The lesson there is you don’t have to defeat a super power. All you have to do is endure and outlast it. The Ukrainians know this. We also know that Russia is not a super power. It’s not a near peer to the US. When you have to put 60 year old cobbled together equipment in the field something is wrong. 

Ukrainians are doing well with western equipment that’s two and three generations out of date. They are excited to be getting F-16 jets -which came out in 1978. Sure, they’ve been updated a lot, but this isn’t cutting edge technology. It doesn’t have to be to exceed Russian counterparts. 

Russia is breaking itself on Ukraine. The west appears to be spending a lot of money, but it’s still a bargain. If anything shortens the war it will be western support. Remember, all the Ukrainians have to do is endure. They’ve seen what happens to towns occupied by Russia. No Ukrainians want that. They are in it to win it. 

This war is a horrible waste of human potential. War almost always is. It’s all because of the misguided ambitions of a authoritarian strongman. Russia is broken and may never recover. Their best and brightest have fled. Their neighbors know they are weak. China even put out a map showing Russian territory as part of China. Russian, knowing how weak they are, were very quiet about it. 

Russia could end this war at any time. All they’d have to do is go home. They could even do it before Christmas. 



  1. Interesting but wrong. Russia is destroying the Ukraine. Economy is good and they hold all the cards as far as energy and resources. They lost 25 million folks and still beat the krauts. Wake up and smell the coffee

    1. Ok, show us your proof, facts and a story with teeth. It would be good to see the other side of the story.

    2. For his next trick, he's going to explain how Custer has Sitting Bull right he wants him.

    3. Yeah, that's family history. Didn't work out for him either.

  2. The Russian moral on Ukraine is very low. The Kremlin is knocking on doors from China to North Korea with a hand out. Being denied by one, they have been embraced by the insane dictator of the Korean North. Only a fool would believe that there isn't a catch. Fortunately, The North Korean war machine isn't in any better shape that Russia's. I predict that very soon there will be a panic in the Kremlin that will leave a death count. Putin isn't healthy enough himself to sustain that kind of anger. This will become a war of attrition. Russia no longer has the resources.

  3. In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.

    Winston Churchill

    I have no dog in this fight except when the US Gov decides to provide aid to a country most American's knew nothing about 2 years ago while OUR OWN Country suffers from an ongoing Invasion of welfare Beggers and disasters like Lebanon PA and Hawaii get squat from FEMA.

    Anybody here remembers the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

    IN REAL TIME IN AMERICA as we chatter about Military Sports ball over there.

    The Roman Bread and Circuses was pikers compared to EBT and the mass media.

    Russian moral? Whatever. Ukraine's winning, whatever, is it the 4th or 5th full rebuild of their army were on now?

    Even the Poles the rabid anti-Russians is refusing to aid Ukraine anymore. Something about becoming the Poles building the MOST POWERFUL Army in Europe...

    If you worry about our debt issues now wait until you find out in the real world what Weimar Germany went through. Family Stories from my German relatives tell of family money saved to buy a cottage to vacation in being used years later to buy a SINGLE PAIR of Work Boots. years of savings for a vacation home = a pair of work boots. Ponder that a while.

    Farmers used to smuggle in sacks of potatoes in hay wagons (as horsepower was still often real horses) with an "easy" to find box of apples for the police to "Discover" to trade for some rich family's silverware as German Marks were best used by the bundle as firewood.

    The Great Depression as we know of it was sanitized into a feel-good fairy tale. A startling medical fact was how many Americans FAILED the Military Medical Exam for enlisting in WW2 because of Malnutrition.

    Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

    1. Winston Churchill was considered the best orator of his age, and a few other's. I like the quote, it is poignant and right on the spot. One of my Grandfather's lived long enough to serve in both WW's. I'm from the west. We remember the great depressive thing. Most of my family lived through it in one form or another. However, that has nothing to do with Ukraine. What they haven't fed us yet is that the US has been relying on imports of grain from Ukraine for a couple of generations because our own growing systems are dying. Could be a reason to fight a pretend war with Russia. Oh, did I say that. 80)

  4. Sixbears, buddy.

    You HAVE to start putting up affiliate links for tin foil hats.

    This is a great untapped market

    1. Hey Patrick, Tin Foil hats are close to becoming all the rage. Take two and call him in the morning, right? 80)

  5. I mean, Putin is about 18 months into his seventy two hour war, and Fleet Week in Sevastopol this year was a total bummer.

    Operation Lull The West Into False Sense of Security is almost at the point where the Grae Russian Bear springs his trap and makes us all regret it.

    My money is on Undersecretary Lucy-kov yanking the old football away yet again, and some of these idiots will believe that Russia will declare victory ANY DAY NOW They probably will comment next telling me how Prigozhin is in hiding, planning security for JFK's return.

    1. Are you the Writer Patrick LeClerc?

      How's your research skills?

      Might want to bypass Aesop's opinions and read the actual open-source Putin's announcement OF the Special Operation.

      Might find out your 72-hour comment is a bit off target. But then again facts are only valued if you want to research them.

      As far as the cute fleet comments again your research skills *might* find out about a few hundred versions of Pearl Harbor, Singapore and so on where fleets in harbor suffer casualties from attacks.

      It's called War and the enemy always gets a vote.

      It's not Call of Duty where you can always see what the enemy is doing and hit reset when you're annoyed.