Friday, May 7, 2010


Picked up another load of mixed hardwoods for the woodstove. That's the fourth so far this week. Looks like I picked up about 2.5 - 3 cords so far. Yes, my poor truck has been somewhat overloaded.

Friday I'm starting early and working late. My friend and I will have to be off the woodlot by the end of the weekend. Weather Saturday and Sunday is projected to be bad, so our hauling might end Friday. Would like to get at least 3 loads in.

It's not often that good quality firewood becomes available for free. We are taking full advantage. Tomorrow's hauling should bring in the bulk of my firewood for the season.

People have yet to realize that the price of heating oil is about to take a big jump. I don't want to competing with wood scroungers when they figure it out.

As it is, we've chased a couple wood pickers off our job. We have a letter of permission and they don't. The Forest Service has also chased people off. The enforcement division is bored, and that's not a good thing. They are looking for people to bust.

It does feel a bit odd to be the guys who are legal. My buddy and I are usually the ones bending the law.

If the guys who came by hadn't been such jerks, we'd probably have let them take a load of wood.

It didn't help that they have brand new trucks and feel entitled to take what ever they want.

Had someone shown up with a beat up truck like ours and was actually polite, we'd have felt bad for the guy.

Let that be a lesson. If you are going to be hanging with us poor folk, it's best to look the part.

Those bright new shiny trucks were probably financed to the hilt. No matter, it's tough for us to feel bad for guys with new trucks. My buddy has to start his with ether as the glow plugs are gone. Mine's a '94 with over 225,000 miles on it, and it's the newer truck of the two. Neither of us are buying that fancy store bought diesel fuel. We drive veggie burners.

Well off to try and get a few house sleep before another day of wood hauling.

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