Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moving into a construction project

Moving into a construction project

My friends just moved into their house. There's just enough Sheetrock up to divide up the rooms. The building is wired, but it is off-grid, and the alternative energy system isn't set up yet. There is no plumbing installed. Since the well hasn't been dug yet, that's not all that much of a problem. They do have a composting toilet, but it needs a vent installed and power to run a fan. Only two rooms have completed floors.

What do they have have? They've a well built house shell, over twenty acres of land, and no mortgage. They've woodstoves and enough firewood for a couple years. The land has gardens, trees, fields, chickens, and a working sugar house. It has a running stream and abuts a small beaver pond.

I've got to say it again, they've no mortgage! I only hope this young couple knows how rich they are. They have no mortgage! So they are living a bit primitive right now. They are young.

Within a week the batteries for the alternative energy system will be in. I'm lending them one of my big inverters. For now, they can charge the battery bank from one of their generators. Solar panels are coming a bit later. It's also an excellent location for wind power. They'll never get a bill from the power company.

The house is being built with money as it comes it. Considering the guy works seasonal, and the wife works part time, they are moving along nicely. Lacking honking big piles of debt, they can afford to live this way. In a year or two, it'll be a mighty fine house. Best yet, it will be theirs, not some banks.


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