Saturday, May 8, 2010

Like Money in the Bank, only better.

Working four evenings and one full day, I've gathered just about all the firewood I'm going to need for next winter. In fact, I loaded up enough firewood for two households. My buddy cut the wood to length, and I loaded it in our pickup trucks.

Of course, some of it needs to be split, and all of it needs to be piled under cover. The main thing is, it's here at the house. I don't have to worry about the price of heating oil next winter. Nor do I have to worry about the supply.

I used to say that having a year's worth of firewood was like money in the bank. Judging from the state of our banks right now, I'd say it's even better than that.

Just because I have enough for next winter doesn't mean I'm stopping my firewood gathering. In fact, while unloading wood, a neighbor asked if I'd be willing to haul some trees away that he has to cut down. That's the start of another year's woodpile.

Those of you in warmer climes than mine might not understand how good it feels to have a big woodpile. Northern NH is darn cold and it takes some planning to get by. At least wood heat is pretty low tech. No electricity needed. Wood can be processed by hand tools.

When the AC dies in the south, I don't know what you guys down there are going to do. They don't have wood fired air conditioners. There's a reason those old southern homes had huge windows that could be opened for excellent cross ventilation. Modern homes aren't built that way.

Of course, many homes here in the north are totally reliant on oil or gas heat. They lack a good well built chimney that's woodstove rated. There are reasons older homes were built the way they were. Add in modern insulation, and we are better off than in the old days.


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