Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More random things

There are tar balls on the beach at Key West Florida. They are being tested to see if they are from the big BP leak. There's some denial. Some officials are claiming that the tar balls can't be from that leak. All right then! If the tar balls are not from that big leak, does it mean there's another big leak or oil spill out there?

I've spent some time in Key West. My first thoughts after checking the place out: I've found my people. It's a crazy place. I'm a crazy guy. However, if these tar balls are the forerunners of a gunk invasion . . . I don't think I could ever go back. The old Key West will live in my memories, just the way it was.

Still have bears lurking around my house. Picked up one of my recycling buckets a ways from where I'd left it. You know how a dog will eat from a dish and push it across the room? That's what happened to my recycling bucket. There might have been a bit of vegetable oil on the bottom of the bucket. There's big tongue marks on the bottom. Yuck. Yesterday there were big sandy footprints on my car and truck. It's a downside of running vehicles on waste vegetable oil. My vehicles smell like fried food.

I see Rand Paul has won the Republican primary in KY. Congratulations! Yes, we still want change. Have yet to get it.

NH public radio has been running a series on food in the Granite State. It's encouraging to see there's more local food and more organic being grown in the state. There's hope. A new farmer's market is opening up this summer in the town next door. I'm pretty excited by this as it looks like a lot of farms have signed up -farms I didn't even know existed.

It's finally warm and dry enough to garden. My middle daughter gifted me an assortment of "Sun Chokes," the more politically correct name for what I used to know as Jerusalem Artichokes. I've got a place half hidden on the back lots to plant them. Hope they take off as well as everyone says they will. My wife tells me the filberts I planted are sending up little shoots all over the place. That's cool. They produced nuts for the first time last summer, so I'm hoping for more this year. Lots of wild strawberry flowers. Hope the bears don't eat them all when they come into fruit.

In a real SHTF situation, I'd just shoot and eat the darn bears. It's still rural enough around here that no one gets excited over a few gunshots. Really don't have the need to yet and would hate to. I've a soft spot in my heart for brother bear.

Falling behind on my fishing. If the weather's half way decent, I'll take the old canoe out on the lake and see about fresh fish for supper. Even if I don't catch anything, time on the water is never wasted.



  1. I had to laugh when you said your rig smells like fried foods.
    I have a buddy that was making his own BioDiesel for a while and every time he pulled onto his street to go home, when he got there, there was a whole pack of neighbor dogs following him home, it smelled like fried chicken.

  2. Made the mistake of getting oil from from a fish fry once. Lordy did that stink! Good thing the weather was cool and people's windows were rolled up. Hated to sit at red lights.