Saturday, May 29, 2010

What's the downside here?

For years now, I've been telling anyone who'll listen to take some basic steps toward self sufficiency. Some have taken action. Others accuse me of having my tin foil hat on too tight. Maybe that's true, but I've got to ask: What's the downside here?

What's the downside to putting a little extra food in the pantry? Purchase stuff you are going to eat anyway. If you buy stuff when it's on sale, you'll have it when the price goes back up. You won't have to run to the store every time you want to cook something.

What's the downside of learning to cook from basic ingredients? I baked a nice artisan bread today in the toaster oven. It'll make some great sandwiches. I make great soups, bagels, beer, wine, and even some darn fine ice-cream. We eat well on the cheap.

What's the downside from having some alternative energy? My solar electric set up paid for itself years ago. It still makes power every day. Believe me, it's a nice feeling to have significant power the utility can't turn off.

Fresh food from your own garden? Yeah, it involves playing around outside in the dirt, but who wouldn't benefit from some fresh air and exercise?

It's a bit of work to heat with wood, but I've got next winter's fuel sitting out in my driveway. It's a good feeling.

Now I've got to ask people: What's the downside to the way most people live? Do they enjoy being in debt? Having to eat fast food all the time because there's no food in the house and they don't know how to cook? How many get stuck freezing in the dark because they relied on systems outside their control? Having to spend all their time at jobs they hate?

Do they enjoy being blindsided by events because they only listen to the main stream media?

Want to borrow my tin foil hat?


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