Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Near record heat

Today temperatures got into the 90's, in the shade. That's pretty impressive, near record, for this time of year. I know, you folks in the south aren't too impressed. I'm way up around the 45 parallel, snug up along the Canadian border, in the mountains. This is hot. Last year during the month of July, it never got this hot.

Earlier in the month, it snowed. It wasn't that long ago the wood stove was going to keep the chill out of the house.

Global warming? Global cooling? How about we call it: weather. It changes. It does seem that the climate is getting more unsettled. The highs are higher, storms stormier, and when it's cold, it's heart of an ex-wife cold.

I don't have air conditioning, not in my house, nor in my vehicles. I do have a couple ceiling fans to take the edge off. Today I did what I normally do in July or August. Put my shorts on, wide brimmed hat, and sunglasses. Then, with cold drink in hand, I waded out into the lake until comfortable. Call it Red Neck air conditioning. Was out of beer, so had to fortify myself with a shot of Knob Creek bourbon. My drink could have used some ice, but I'm tough.

When I was a kid, I really suffered in the heat. As an adult, I've learned to slow down, and to drink plenty of water. It takes a couple weeks to adjust to hot weather. (You never really adjust to cold weather, you adjust to suffering)

If this is a hint of what summer will bring, we are in for a hot one.


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