Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Odd Day

The day started off well. Did a little fishing. Drowned a few worms from shore, then dragged a lure around with the canoe. Didn't catch anything, but it was sure nice out on the water.

A few days ago we got 6 inches of snow. Today temperatures climbed up into the high 80's.

Global weirding.

Old timers say not to plant around there until after the first full moon in May. This year I'm going to try that. Can't hurt.

Saw an odd thing on the road today. Spotted it at a distance, but wasn't quite sure what it was. After a moment it looked like the van coming down the road was on fire. As it got closer, first impressions proved correct. Yep, there were flames under the van and blowing out the back. The driver didn't seem bothered by at all. He kept on driving down the road.

My buddy met up with me a bit later. He saw the same van some miles past where I saw it. However, it had stopped, the driver was outside, and the van totally engulfed in flames. Driving by later I saw where the asphalt had been burned away. That was odd.

Picked a good load of firewood today. It pays to know people. My friend has permission to clean up the wood left behind after a logging operation. Apparently, highly mechanized wood harvesting techniques are picky about the wood they can use. It appears that a good dozen cord of hard wood is left. Anything we don't take will be bulldozed and buried. We've no idea when that is supposed to happen, so we are hauling out wood as fast as we can.

My goal is to have all my firewood at the house, cut, split and piled up under cover before the end of June. If we beat the bulldozers, this one location should have all I need for this coming winter.

All in all, an interesting day.


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