Monday, May 24, 2010

Rituals with the extended family

Sunday my lovely wife and I went to a cousin's First Communion. It was an absolutely beautiful day and I must admit I was tempted to do something else. However, family members asked me to go and I'd given my word. At least it was a chance to get together in a setting other than a funeral.

The ceremony went pretty much as expected. The local priest is actually a pretty decent guy. He and I went to High School together back in the day. Back then he seemed like the type of guy who'd grow up to be a priest. Guessed that one right.

Anyway, after the ceremony the family got together and had a little party. There was plenty of opportunity to see how the relatives were doing. Pretty much like the rest of the country, it seems. Quite a few were working less hours than they'd like. Some were trying to figure out how to keep a cars on the road so they could go to work. One cousin had eliminated TV cable and Internet service to save money.

On the other hand, one of my cousins got a nice promotion. He's doing well. In fact, he and his wife adopted a handicapped child. I wish them well. He believes in sharing his good fortune.

Nice to see my aunt's put in a garden this year. My uncle used to do it, but he passed away. One of their sons did the heavy work for his mother this year. Good to see the big garden still in production, and not just because I get some of the veggies.

Overheard one distant relative was buying a generator. He expected the grid to get unreliable. Imagine that.

As I get older, I make more of an effort to connect family. For better or worse, they are my clan and community.


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