Thursday, May 13, 2010

Watching the beaches

I'm keeping a close eye on the oil spill in the Mexican Gulf. My wife and I are avid tent campers who've spent many a winter camping on those waters. We've taken a canoe out in those threatened areas many times.

Even though we are based way up in NH, we have ties to the Gulf. We've family in Texas and Florida. If my dad ever has to evacuate his home in Florida, he's always welcome to move in with my wife and I. Originally, we thought he'd may have to someday leave due to hurricanes. Now that's no the only reason to evacuate. If the oil gets into the Gulf Stream and goes to Florida, he just might take me up on the offer.

We've canoed Florida extensively. I've come to love the mangrove swamps and islands. Can't help but picture them covered in oil. A mangrove swamp is like a giant sponge, a sponge teaming with life.

BP says they'll compensate for the damage caused by their well. Can they rebuilt a mangrove swamp? Can they bring sea turtles back to life? Can they give months and years back to the people they've affected?

All I can do now is keep and eye on events and see what happens. My wife and I had hopes of returning to the Gulf this coming winter. Those plans are up in the air. I can't imagine traveling 2000 miles just to see our favorite places covered in oil.

It would break my heart.



  1. Yes Sir,its a Damn shame.We do need oil but at what cost.


  2. Eventually the cost of getting it won't be worth it. I think we are just about there now. We are going to have to learn to live with less of the stuff. Might as well start now while we still have some natural world left.