Friday, February 3, 2012

6 more weeks of winter

When I was a little kid, I misunderstood the whole Groundhog day thing. I thought if the Groundhog saw its shadow and we had 6 more weeks of winter, that was the good outcome. Image that, I thought, winter being over in the middle of March. In northern NH, April can produce blizzards and subzero temps.

No wonder so many people from my hometown retire to Florida. Winter gets tougher as a person gets older. As for me, I’m a water person. I’d rather be on it in a boat that standing on it ice fishing.



  1. Man, I can certainly agree with that 100% !

    Me and the cold just don't get along at all!

  2. That's why, when we came here in 97 to go sailing we have never left. Even tho we don't even have the boat nowadays.

  3. Winter+snow+ice= misery. I saw 6 foot frozen waves on Lake Michigan. Rather burn in Hell than see that again!

  4. The best thing about winter is that it kills the bugs back to nothing. I used to do a lot of winter sports, but now I'm happy to experience the endless summer.

  5. Some of em are good eats he he....