Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Packed for travel

One thing about travel I’ve observed is that packing for 5 days is about the same as packing for 5 months. A few more bits of clothes and a few more consumables -that’s about it. It doesn’t matter if I’m backpacking, canoing, car camping, or sailing.

With sailing, the packing load for short of long trips is even closer to being the same. The boat can comfortably handle about a week’s worth of water and maybe a month’s worth of food. Last fall, I started keeping some storable food on board. The limiting factor on the sailboat is water. A week’s water for two adults and a dog is about all I care to pack at one time.

After a week on a small boat, it’s time to stop somewhere. Laundry, real hot showers, and fresh food are welcome. In a real emergency, I could probably extend the journey. With a bit of luck, I could catch some rain for drinking water, harvest fish, and forage for other edibles. It could be done, but it would take an emergency to want to try.

Consumables have to be replaced, but outside of that, preps for short or long trips about about the same.



  1. Stay stocked so you can go if the urge hits! Nothing like a spur of the moment trip!

    Packing has never been my favorite activity!

  2. No matter how careful you are, it seems you always forget to pack something, at least I do.

  3. twice in a row we've forgotten the spices. Once, I can understand, but twice??