Sunday, February 12, 2012

More trip planning

My lovely wife and I now have a slightly better idea what we’ll be doing next. My wife’s sister in Texas will have a week off in the middle of March, so that’s when we’ll scoot over there.

With that settled, the next trip will be another sailing adventure. We’d like to hit the Okeechobee canal. Exactly where we launch from will depend on locating a place to keep the truck and trailer. Phone calls will have to be made.

Florida is in a bit of a cool snap, (I won’t call it a cold snap) but it’ll warm up in a few days. My lovely wife has come down with a cold, so she’ll want to feel better before we sail.

Not much else going on. Still meeting new people and connecting with old friends.



  1. If Melbourne is close enuf, my yard can hold a truck and trailer. Now mind you it is not the Ritz or yuppie central lol. Yet it is more than secure enough.
    Keep in mind that you will be motoring for almost the entire time that you are in the canal. We did the crossing twice in our boat and loved the trip. Have you checked into the water levels on Okechobie ? Been a pretty dry year.

  2. U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District
    Lake Okeechobee and Vicinity Report
    ** Preliminary Data - Subject to Revision **

    Data Ending 2400 hours 11 FEB 2012

    Okeechobee Lake Regulation Elevation Last Year 2YRS Ago
    (ft-NGVD) (ft-NGVD) (ft-NGVD)
    *Okeechobee Lake Elevation 13.22 12.39 13.49 (Official Elv)
    Bottom of High Lake Mngmt= 17.25 Top of Water Short Mngmt= 11.94
    Currently in Operational Management Band

    Simulated Average LORS2008 [1965-2000] 13.43
    Difference from Average LORS2008 -0.21

    11FEB (1965-2007) Period of Record Average 14.59
    Difference from POR Average -1.36

    Forgive my earlier spelling of the lake. Here are todays numbers.
    Today Lake Okechobee elevation is determined from the 4 Int & 4 Edge stations

    ++Navigation Depth (Based on 2007 Channel Condition Survey) Route 1 ÷ 7.16'
    ++Navigation Depth (Based on 2008 Channel Condition Survey) Route 2 ÷ 5.36'
    Bridge Clearance = 50.18'

  3. For current information on water depths, lockage and navigational routes, contact:

    Army Corps of Engineers at 904-232-3187 (Jacksonville District Office)

    South Florida Operations Office, Clewiston at (863)983-8101

    Okeechobee Field Office at (863)462-5260


    Atlantic Intracoastal to St. Lucie Lock 15.1 miles

    St. Lucie Lock to Port Mayaca Lock 23.7 miles

    Port Mayaca Lock to Moore Haven Lock

    Via open lake, route 1 39.0 miles

    Via rim canal, route 2 50.0 miles

    Moore Haven Lock to Ortona Lock 15.5 miles

    Ortona Lock to W.P. Franklin Lock 27.9 miles

    W.P. Franklin Lock to Gulf Intracoastal 33.2 miles

  4. Spud: thanks for the info and the kind offer.

  5. If need be just let me know and I'll let ya know how to contact me here.

    This ain't a cool snap...It's downright frickin cold !!

  6. I'll let you know. After today's planning, it looks like we are going to try and find a good launch place near Ft. Myers.

    It's freezing here,but zero at home. Warming on the way.

  7. Sixbear me and the wife left Apopka and wekiwa state park friday.It was around 70 got home to birmingham ala that nite it was 38 fell to 16 saturday nite.Talk about system shock.Wish we haddent left.Have fun sailing we had a blast at the parks we went to.

  8. Thanks Gary. Glad you had a good time.