Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some get it, some don’t

Sometimes I can’t believe people. The same guy who complains about the high price of gas then says we should invade Iran. As if that would bring the price of gas down. Let’s see here. War causes huge market instability, which causes volatility. Iran, an oil producer, would most likely be shut out of most world markets. To be spoilsports about it, they could close down the Straights of Hormuz where a goodly portion of the world’s oil is shipped.

Just to make things interesting, the US currency could speed up its collapse. In fact, China could easily shut off US credit, pretty much guaranteeing a financial meltdown. As it is, gas isn’t so much going up in price as the dollar is dropping in value. It takes more of them to buy a given amount of gas.

So . . . gas is up in price, let’s mess up the oil markets, supply and currency . . . that’ll make it all better. Besides, the last two wars have worked out so well.

On the other hand, there are people who have a fair idea what’s going on. The last thing they want is another war, knowing it’s not going to solve problems, but make things worse for the average Joe.

Some people get it, and some people don’t.



  1. Intelligence is not something most people can be accused of having...

  2. Invading Iran for their oil is foolish.

    Invading Iran to stop their nukes is at least a little bit better of an idea.

    China cannot cut our credit without cutting their own throat. They buy our currency (thorugh bonds) because they keep their currency artificially cheap compared to ours, and buying up the excess money on our side of the ledger is a very necessary part of that operation. If they stop buying bonds, their export market will get clobbered. It would be like a Rawles style economic collapse, but in China.

  3. Invading Iran for any reason is spectacularly foolish. Bombing Iran makes much more sense, militarily. That is the lesson we should have learned from Iraq. In the early 1980s Iraq was just a few years from having nukes. Then Israel bombed their facilities and they never recovered. Similarly, the reason they didn't have any weapons of mass destruction when we invaded Iraq was because we were effective in destroying them in the first Gulf War.

    Don't get me wrong, I still think it is a bad idea. Blocking the straits of Hormuz is very asymmetrical. A couple Cole-style attacks on tankers passing through would be effective in blocking it.

    As to China, they already are cutting our credit just about as fast as they can, by not buying new bonds as old ones mature. If they tried to get out any faster, they easily could start a panic and collapse the value of the remaining Treasury bills they have.

  4. Trouble is, those that don't get it will re-elect BO.

  5. How is the wife feeling? Hope she is much better.

  6. Dizzy: she's doing much better. She's looking forward to sailing.

  7. When all else fails...go sailing!

    Glad the wife is getting better! And right you are about some folks not getting it...they never will!

  8. I blame the Republicans. They have been selling this simplistic "Big army....go plunder what we need" nonsense for far too long. Soo...yeah, shouldn't war fix everything.

  9. Your thoughts are easily explained by Hermit Jim's post about warning labels. Stupid is the name of the day throughout the land. Us "terrorists" are about the only ones with any intelligence.

  10. No matter where you stand on this issue, the simple fact of the matter is:

    TPTB, no matter their political flavor, are not going to listen to any of us here.

    Like Craig said on his blog, we're going to have to put our differences aside and band together and try to watch our fellow prepper's back.

    In the mean while, while we have the gift of the moment, we need to make sure we're getting ready for the day the SHTF.