Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The longer I go without a real job

The longer I go without a real job, the better I get at living without one. I’ve been on a small disability pension since 1993. As you can well imagine, inflation has eaten the heck out of its value. On the other hand, I’ve gotten much better at living on less and less. Over the years, I’ve developed quite a skill set.

The thought of working a 9 to 5 job is a horrible thing. Now if that’s what you really want to do, then by all means do it. It’s not for me.

I’m not totally opposed to working for money. I’ve even done it a few times since ‘93. The thing is, it was either to help a friend out or to experience something I hadn’t experienced before. New experiences are a big part of life.

Some people spend all their working lives planning to be free at retirement age. That tells me they place a very low value on freedom. How many people die well before they can retire? How many put themselves in a position where they think they can’t afford to retire? Then there are those who have their pensions wiped out before they collect.

I’ve been spending time with my dad in his little retirement village. Most people spend their days sitting in their double wides watching TV. The big parking compound is full of RVs, boats, and other toys that rarely if ever move. These are the people who’ve successfully retired. They have money coming in every month. Sure, some go on little casino cruises, or catch the occasional show, but many do nothing at all.

In the future, most people won’t even have this sort of retirement. Many Baby Boomers expect to work until they die. How does that nourish the spirit? Are their souls dead?

If you want freedom better make a plan and figure out how to get it -soon. The clock is ticking.



  1. I haven't "worked" in years... Picking a career I love in the first place makes it never feel like work. (lucky me) Love it! I also love the google ads you get when a post like this comes up.

  2. Hi Leane.

    Now were did you ever get ideas like that. :) Glad you are happy, kiddo.

  3. My best friend worked for a company for 35 years. Never married. Lived comfortably. When she had her 60th birthday, I asked her why she didn't retire early. She told me she would lose her house. I didn't believe it! I told her it's later than you think! She died just 3 months pass her 61st birthday. Left her sorry-ass brother over $265,000.00! And, he is going thru it like water.

  4. I don't mind working some, but only from my home or RV. I started that many years ago and it is the best thing I ever did. Didn't get rich but got stay home with my wife and dogs.

  5. I know from first hand experience just how little it takes to get by, if you try!

    My time has always meant more to me than money, and that still works.

    Taking care of my Mom has turned into more or less a full time job, but she enjoys the company!

    Wouldn't take another full time job, even if I could!

  6. I fully expect to fall over on the job, if not at home.
    My awesome wife is already a home care provider, I hope she gets a raise.

  7. I wish Sweetie would change his self-destructive behavior before he's unable to live his dream. I haven't worked in nearly four years (I think) and I can't imagine every joining the ranks again. I'm willing to do a lot of things NOW to make our shared desire happen but there are times I think I'll be doing it on my own. You and your wife are fortunate to be living the dream together.

  8. Busted: hope she gets a raise too.

    Treesong: I think I'm fortunate. We do what we can. They can't take away the years we've had together doing interesting things.

  9. If it were up to me I'd "retire" on a small sailboat next week. There will be no Socialist Security for me, nor do I have the misconception that my state retirement will still be there when I am "of age" in 20 years. I WILL have a sailboat in the next few years, and I'll be just fine living aboard. Working on other folks' boats for beer money when I'm in port, and fishing for my supper. The $5.00 gasoline which is just around the corner could very well put my plans in fast forward...

  10. I am not sure that I will want to retire but maybe, that is a ways off yet.

  11. Craig: lot of people do live just that way. Room for more out there.

    $5 gas might seem like a bargain soon.

    Becky: it'd be nice to have options though.