Thursday, February 9, 2012


My lovely wife and I are between things right now. After visiting friends, we are back at my dad’s. That’s fine, because part of the reason for this trip has been to spend time with him. It’s all good.

There are people we haven’t met up with yet so we are trying to set that up. There are friends and relatives to see. We plan on scooting over to East Texas to visit the in-laws, then zip back to Florida.

The boat is ready for more sailing. If we don’t go on another extended trip soon, perhaps a day or overnighter trip might be the thing.

What I’m not doing is shoveling snow and splitting wood for the woodstove. Like I said: it’s all good.



  1. You wouldn't be shoveling all that much even if you'd stayed.

    Weird winter

  2. Plenty of winter left. Besides, you live in the sunny south of NH.

  3. East Texas? If you have time, stop in for a cup of coffee. I would enjoy meeting you and the wife and the dog.

  4. not sure of my schedule yet, but I'll contact you when I know what's going on.

  5. Enjoy the Piney Woods, man that's some purty country! A little sailing around Sabine Lake would be good too : )

  6. It's in the Big Thicket area. Nice to see trees instead of the desert of W. TX.. Decided to leave the sailboat in FL during the quick trip to TX. Still trying to figure out exactly when we'll head out.

  7. We finally got winter here today. Still snowing & fools out slipping off the roads while we sit home, eat a luscious dinner & sip tea. Sounds like you two know how to follow your heart.