Monday, February 6, 2012

Off to see Friends

Florida has a lot of people, but it’s a big state. Even today, there are some seriously rural places. We are currently visiting friends who live in such an area.

They are very private people so there won’t be any photos from this trip.

Our friends would be considered preppers as they equipped to live a long time with what they have on hand. They have some big gardens and some unusual bug out options should that become necessary.

If I miss a post or two, it’s because there’s no Internet connection where they live.



  1. Sounds like some real interesting friends!

    Enjoy the visit!

  2. Have fun & say hi for us! (hugs all around)

  3. Always anxious to hear what you and the wife are doing. It is good to have friends like those and I can see why they are "private" people. They don't want overrun with "non" prepers when the "S" hits the fan.

  4. Good people and they are doing better than they've done in years -and they usually did pretty good.