Monday, February 13, 2012

Can’t we skip right to the end?

Everyone has seen videos of old enemies meeting in friendship long after the war is over. After WWII Germans and Americans would get together over a few beers. Vietnam was the war I grew up with. To this day old ‘nam soldiers get together with their counterparts. Recently I saw a video of the American pilot meeting with the Serbian who shot down his stealth fighter during out little Balkan campaign. Old men of war can put aside their animosity and shake hands with their counterparts.

It’s always a heart warming scene. Often they mourn the lost of comrades and shake their heads at the pointless waste of it all.

Let’s skip right to the shaking hands part without all the killing and destruction that goes on before. I don’t have anything against Syrians, Iranians, or anyone else for that matter. It’s the politicians and the businesses who profit that send regular people to kill each other. Joe average certainly doesn’t benefit from any of this. Why should he be the one who suffers and dies? Let’s shove our spear shaking leaders aside so we get right to the meeting fellow human beings in peace part.



  1. Rich man's war, poor man's fight.

  2. Hey...that works for me! Thanks for the great idea!

    You take care, buddy!

  3. That works for me but what about all the terrorists that then wouldn't have those 70 virgins waiting for them on the other side?

  4. Warelock: Thank you
    China: thanks!
    Sharon: time for the poor man to say no
    Hermit: worth a try, right?

    Dizzy: Isn't that 70 white grapes? Translations vary.

  5. Better yet, have the politicians themselves that want the war fight it out their own way. Parchesi anyone? 8^)

    I remember that early 80's movie 'SPYS LIKE US' whose ending was pretty similar - funny!

  6. Amen to that. The Christmas Truce of WW I pretty well showed that it is not us "little people" that want to fight. Americans, Brits, and Germans who had been killing each other the day before laid down their arms and actually played games together. Broke bread together. War is only sought by the power brokers who stand to profit tremendously...

  7. Wouldn't that be nice, Six? I'm up for cage matches of heads of state instead of armies ....

  8. Anon: makes sense to me.

    Craig: regular men don't profit.

    Labrys: I'd pay to see that!

  9. Ain't that the truth! Military service on the ground in another country where the politicians are so sure we ought to be - for nefarious reasons - should be mandatory for every politician in this country. Six month deployments rotated throughout their ranks just might wake a few of them up - or include them among those who get a 21-gun salute.

  10. Let’s skip right to the shaking hands part without all the killing and destruction that goes on before.

    So, Fantastic I'm going to use it often! (with proper citation!)

    However, I'd not put many Heads of state up against Putin the guys a KGB Sambo master Olympic level Judo fighter!