Saturday, February 4, 2012

Being here now

When my lovely wife and I talk about our travels, people often ask us if we worry about leaving our house and things behind.

Short answer: no.

Some winters we drain the plumbing and shut down the heat. We find temporary homes for all the house plants and the guns. The dog comes along for the ride.

Other winters, like this one, we have house sitters. That’s a lot easier as we can leave everything up and running. When we get home, the house is warm and the systems are functioning. It’s very convenient.

People ask me questions like: what if the house burns down? Then it burns down. That’s what insurance is for. It’s a mistake to get too attached to stuff. Don’t get me wrong. I love my house. Built most of it with my own hands. I’m not so much about having things as I am about having experiences.

Our 5 year plan is to eventually sell the house to the kids and build a small yurt on the property across the street. We’ll live there during the warm months and spend the other half of the year on a sailboat.