Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Direct hit from the sun

In the next day and a half to two days we are going to be hit with another big jolt from the sun. We had a near X class flare let loose right at earth. Actually, there’s we are getting hit by a series of blasts, not just one big one. They add up.

Expect issues with electronics, communications, health issues and earthquakes.

Health issues include aches and pain plus the possibility of serious cardiac problems. That makes sense as the heart is regulated by the body’s electrical system. I know I’m really over simplifying here. 

As for earthquakes -let’s just say all the energy being absorbed by the earth has to go somewhere.

The sun can be a harsh neighbor. 

By the way, you might have already been experiencing computer crashes a lot more lately. It makes sense as computer’s are very sensitive to that sort of thing. Same goes for cell phones.

Anyway, just a heads up.



  1. Thank you for the warning. These type of events that come out of nowhere (like the Gulf Oil Spill) can wreak unanticipated damage to a household.

    When the electricity goes out, does your location have water which is pumped electrically vs. gravity fed ? Imagine the water being shut off completely for several days - do you have enough water to keep your place going.

    1. Water is critical. Glad for my shallow well and living on a fresh water lake.