Wednesday, August 24, 2022

In search of the shelf stable egg

Anyone who’s spent time in the military knows the horror of powdered eggs. The military buys in huge quantities from the lowest bidder. It shows.

Recently 1500 marines got leave at a Greek port after months at sea. They ate all the eggs on the island, and all the meat too. They were really missing the fresh stuff and you can’t blame them for that.

So how about all those dehydrated survival meals you have stored up? How badly are you going to miss the fresh stuff? Unlike the poor military men and women, private individuals can shop around. So how do the shelf stable eggs stack up in the private market?

Personally, if I have to have a breakfast with eggs I think Mountain House makes the best options. Their eggs are mixed in with things like sasuage or bacon bits. That helps. The texture of the scrambled egg bits isn’t terrible and they only taste a bit like foam rubber. 

Augason Foods sells eggs in #10 cans. I haven’t tried their scrambled egg mix, but I have tried their plain dehydrated whole eggs. They aren’t that great by themselves. Using a lot of spices and other ingredients I made an omelet I could eat, but it was only so so. However, in things like recopies that require eggs an in ingredient they are terrific. They are really good in pancakes and waffles. The powder mixes well.

All in all, I’m basically not bothering with plain powered eggs for breakfast. Frankly, I’d rather have oatmeal, and that’s cheap and easy. 

On the bright side the Augason Foods butter powder is amazing. Mixed up with cold water it looks and tastes a lot like regular butter. You can even just sprinkle it right on foods like mashed potatoes or popcorn. I just added another can of the stuff to my food pile. It will go good on that toast I’m having for breakfast instead of dehydrated eggs.



  1. Let's face it... powdered eggs are survival food. Nobody is going to eat them when the real thing is available. And since powdered eggs are actually more expensive than fresh ones cost isn't a factor. I have powdered eggs in my supply stash for one reason. For when TSHTF and real food is no longer available. So buy as much of the nasty horrible dehydrated foods as you can afford and can store. Because hunger REALLY SUCKS.

    1. It's worth trying different survival foods to find the ones that aren't that bad. Stock those.

  2. Hey powdered eggs aren't all that bad, besides you can make a usable glue and insolation with them if need be.

  3. I think you are buying the wrong dehydrated foods. Many aren't that bad. Of course, I avoid MREs like the plague.