Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Long line of survivors

I was looking back on my family history. My ancestors had a pretty good record of getting out of Dodge in time. They got out of the way of armies and dictators when it was still relatively easy to do so. Sometimes they went native and disappeared into the wilderness. They avoided a lot of nasty things -sometimes by planning and sometimes it was just plain luck. 

We also were lucky in that we were often either too young or too old for military service during major wars. My ancestors had a pretty record of not dying from childhood diseases. Many ancestors reached advanced ages in good condition. That’s a bonus as you don’t have to live to old age to pass on your genes. 

Of course, by the very fact you are here to read this, you have a long line of survivors too. Maybe they were clever and lucky. Maybe they just had huge families with the hope that some would survive. Whatever the strategy, it worked. 

Now don’t mess up your ancestors hard work by doing something stupid. There are a lot of bozos trying to get people to die for their causes. Don’t fall for it. Honor your ancestors. 



  1. And it is better to be lucky than good or smart any day of the week.....

    1. Well luck would certainly explain how some people are still around.

  2. Don't be a pawn in their game, Amen!