Friday, August 12, 2022

Kentucky Snow Days

This is one is too good not to share. Apparently in a county in western Kentucky they just experienced their second snow day and canceled school. No, you didn’t happen to miss some sort of weird meteorological phenomenon. The temperatures have been up in the 80s and 90s -where one would expect them to be. 

What happened is that there’s a glitch in the new computer program that runs bus schedules. They can’t dispatch the buses so they canceled school. For some reason they decided to use the snow day procedure. Perhaps there’s some actual logical reason to use snow days. That being said it sounds funny as heck. 

The snow thing is bad enough. The next thing that came to mind is how hard is it to schedule school buses? This isn’t rocket science. They’ve been successfully running buses since they’ve been invented -long before computers. Scheduling isn’t a new science. Given the parameters someone from the ancient Roman Empire could figure it it. 

Just goes to show how over reliance on computers is a bad thing. In this case, also silly.


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