Saturday, August 27, 2022

Nice Folks from Montreal

I was having a good conversation with nice older couple from Montreal. I think the old guy was happy he could talk to someone who knew something about Canadian History. His wife was probably happy that I was there to engage her husband. 

I’m not going to bore you with the last 50 years of Quebec History. However, one big issue has always been Quebec threatening to leave Canada. The vote to leave Canada back in in the 90s was a close thing. The United States almost ended up with another country on its border. 

In the end Quebec got some concessions and special treatment from the rest of Canada. One funny thing is that the rest of Canada is officially bilingual. Quebec is not. It’s French. 

The old guy went to school in Canada. Their school system struggles to show the advantages of Canada over the United States. They used the US Civil War as an example. In Canada there’s a legal procedure for leaving the union. They have a peaceful solution. In the US, not so much. There are some technicalities, but basically the South could not leave peacefully. 

Personally, I’m thinking like a Canadian here. If a state wants to leave we should just let them go. Civil war is so horrific that a peaceful separation is a better option. There aren’t a lot of examples of countries peacefully splitting apart. We do have Czechoslovakia. Back in 1993 they split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We know it can happen. We also know it’s rare. 

I’m not surprised the Canadians have a polite way of getting a political divorce. 



  1. Actually there IS a peaceful, legal method to allow a state or part of a state to secede. The entity would have to vote on secession succesfully. Then the state legislation would have to sign off on it, followed by Congress passing legislation to allow it.
    The problem is not that it CAN'T happen.
    The problem is that criminal politicians WON'T let it happen. And if any region attempts to secede without their unobtainable consent they will prevent it...BY FORCE. They already proved they have no qualms about killing to keep control over people.

    1. Nope. No constitutional way to do it legally.

  2. Remind me, what happened the last time Texas tried to secede? I'm old and can't remember.