Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Storm Watch

Well that was interesting. So Mr. Trump had visitors down to his place in Florida. Unfortunately he wasn’t there in person to greet his company. Instead he was in New York giving a deposition concerning a different legal matter. 

It’s a big deal to get a Federal warrant to search a place -especially for the rich and powerful. You have to convince a Federal judge that a crime has been committed and that the evidence is located in a certain place. They don’t hand them out like party treats. 

In a more perfect world politics would have nothing to do with it. Now if you don’t like Mr. Trump you can say that the reason this didn’t happen earlier was due to his political clout. If you are a fan of Mr. Trump you might think this was some sort of a witch hunt. 

It’s important to be aware that nobody has been charged with a crime -yet. That may change. Mr. Trump says he’s not worried. So now the thing to do is to wait for the legal system to slowly grind onward. 

Personally, I have hope and faith that justice will be done. We are still a nation of laws. 



  1. Would be interesting to discuss your viewpoint over pizza. I would say we are not the classically accepted nation of laws as laws for thee and laws (I might accept) for me isn't so.

  2. The American Gestapo nee FBI wasn't at Mar A Lago to search for evidence. The were there to PLANT evidence. The goal is to manufacture a reason to indict Trump and keep him under indictment so he can't run for office. If they railroad him into prison that's a bonus. This is a classic example of "lawfare". The use of the legal system as a weapon to attack the opposition. The judge who signed off on this faux warrant was a form employee of notrd pedophile Epstein. Not exactly a person to be trusted.

    1. I see you got your talking points handed to you. Interesting that the head of the FBI was appointed by Trump.

    2. Why would the fbi turn off the security cameras and not allow trumps lawyers. I have no dog in this fight but we never played with kids who cheated on the playground. Fair is fair

    3. My talking points come from what the criminals I power have and are continuing to do. Yes. Trump appointed Wray. He appointed a LOT of traitors because as an outsider he did not know who in Mordor On The Potomac could be trusted. Virtually everyone he hire with the exception of Ben Carson betrayed him....and America. And now he's paying the price for choosing traitors. This "raid" is totally political....and proof that the entire JustUs Department is corrupt beyond redemption.

  3. I wish I had your optimism about our future as a unified country. To me, the Mar A Lago raid and the confiscation of U.S. Congressman Scott Perry's phone speaks more. It doesn't appear that they are looking for evidence of Trump's guilt anymore (they have already done this for 4 years and still no evidence. Something would have turned up by now I think). It appears the U.S. Government are more worried about information these two have on them.

    It is clear that FBI is not going to investigate anyone on the Left. Hillary Clinton - Hunter Biden have plenty of evidence of destruction of SUBPEANED evidence and other illegal activity. FBI ruled that it wasn't done on purpose in Hillary's case or ignores it on Biden's case. General Flynn and Steve Bannon were not asked for comments on how they were treated by the FBI.

    I think there is a storm on the horizon.

  4. I once had a higher belief in the rule of law. Three years ago I thought the arrest of Epstein would allow our society to work out some of its excess accumulated corruption. The dude was in jail, lawyers were at work, the courts were basically mostly reasonable, etc… I wrote a blog post about it on July 12th, 2019. I thought I was being a rational voice and the rule of law would be a partial cure for jokes about the man being a future victim Arkaniside. 29 days later Epstein was dead. I was wrong and the jokes were right.