Sunday, August 14, 2022

Don’t get excited

You’ve got to admit, the FBI serving a warrant at Mar-a-Largo is exciting stuff. Theoretically Mr. Trump could be facing 17 years in prison. Theoretically. Maybe you or I would be facing hard time. The rich, famous, and politically connected face a more lenient justice system.

Make no mistake, Trump is innocent until proven guilty. That’s how it works in our system. 

Frankly, the excitement is probably over. It’s going to take months for this to move forward. Lawyers will meet to see if any documents come under lawyer client privilege. There will plenty of back and forth. Don’t expect anything to happen until after the mid-terms. It’s a unwritten rule that they don’t move forward on high profile political cases near an election. We might see something happen before the end of the year. That’s a long time to stay fired up. 

What you don’t want to do is to physically attack the FBI. It’s no surprise that idiot in OH who attacked  the Cleveland headquarters ended up shot to death in a field. After all, blue lives matter -especially to other officers. 



  1. To the criminal left Trump ending up behind bars is a bonus. This is all about trying to keep him from running/keep him from winning votes. If possible they will try and keep him under inidictment till after 2024 and see if some court will give them what they want.....a ruling preventing him from running for POTUS.

    1. I' all in favor of sending the criminal left to jail. However, I'm also in favor of sending the criminal right to jail. I'm pretty fair that way.

  2. We have a single party in America....with two faces. The criminal left on one side and the stupid/greedy right on the other. Occasionally the criminal party and the stupid party get together and pass some piece of legislation that is both evil and stupid. That is what's known as bipartisanship.