Monday, August 15, 2022

Moving States

Currently I like living in NH. All my stuff is here. Seriously though, there’s a lot to like. The lack of sales or an income tax is easy to take. If you like being able to conceal carry a firearm a permit isn’t even needed. 

I need a place where the air and water are clean. It certainly helps that we aren’t on freaking fire half the time like many of the western states. I don’t want to struggle to breath the air. NH doesn’t get as stifling hot as a lot of a places. My house doesn’t have an air conditioner and that’s not a big deal. 

We live on a nice little lake. Over the years I’ve worked to make this place safe and sustainable. Having access to clean drinking water is a huge plus, and I don’t even need anything more technologically advanced than a bucket to get it. A good source of clean water is essential to health. There’s plenty of access to the woods if you feel like disappearing for a while. Hunting and fishing is pretty good. 

Over the years we’ve developed many ties to the community. A lot of my relatives still live in the area. It’s good to have good people around you. 

With that being said, there’s a few things that would cause me to pack up my rags and put the house for  sale. A big one would be if any laws were passed to limit the rights of half the population. Reproductive freedom is a big deal. States that take away rights are going to be in deep trouble as the years go by. Companies will move out and others won’t move in. They know it will be much harder to recruit and keep good people. In five years or so the school systems will get an influx of poor kids who’s parents are struggling. 

Should NH get authoritarian like other states I’d get the heck out of here before the property values went down. I don’t mind politicians who want to server and govern. I’ve got issues with those who just want to rule.


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