Friday, August 19, 2022

Well they ruined teaching

Teaching as a profession sucks right now. I’m not even talking about the low pay. So what’s the attraction of being a teacher in the first place? The chance to help children learn and develop to their full potential is a big one. 

Well that’s harder and harder to do. States are banning books from classrooms. Guess what? Knowledge can be uncomfortable. That’s called growing up. You can’t pretend that two plus two equals five. History is full of nasty stuff that people really need to know about if they don’t want to repeat the same mistakes. 

Parents are criticizing everything a teacher does. Heaven forbid you give a bad grade just because someone’s little precious didn’t do the work. 

Much of teaching has nothing to do with teaching. When I substitute taught I got out of those stupid jobs like lunch room monitor by pretending I didn’t know I was supposed to that crap. My pretend ignorance could only get me so far so I had to quit. 

I see some states are opening up teaching positions to retired military and Firefighters. I’m almost tempted to apply to one of those positions just to see what would happen. While I don’t have a teaching degree, I did double major in college after I retired. If they were desperate enough to hire me I wonder how long it would be before they fired me. I’m already retired so getting fired is not that big a deal. It might be fun while it lasted. Those kids might even learn something they wouldn’t otherwise.



  1. I went back to college in the mid eighties to get certified as a teacher.
    While doing this at night school and summer days. I filled in as a substitute at the local HS.
    It only took a year of doing this to make me realize that I no longer wished to teach in our public schools. Between administrative rules and grossly unruly students. Decided that nothing but trouble was coming to our school system. This was even before the internet and all of its influence on our youth ! Can't even imagine it with the shootings etc now.

    1. They gave me all the trouble kids. We got along just fine. It's the administrators and I were not seeing eye to eye. I think you made a good decision.

  2. The purpose of teaching is NOT to educate...and hasn't been for decades. Their goal is indoctrination. The "education system" was among the first few targets of the commie left when they started their quest to destroy America.

    1. What about the Fascist Right? It's not the left banning books. If free speech makes you uncomfortable you might want to reflect on the reasons why.

  3. That's my gig, and I can tell you first hand, teaching sucks.