Monday, December 6, 2010

Freeze up

The small lake I live on is freezing up. Ice is growing from the shore to the center. If the wind is calm, it should be frozen over by morning. It'll remain frozen until the third week of April or so.
Also watching the freeze up in Washington D. C.. The lame duck congress is seems to be seizing up. It's a disturbing spectacle. Unemployment benefits run out and congress battles to keep tax cuts for the richest 2%. Majority Leader Harry Reid sets the moral tone by fighting hard for Internet gambling. Just so happens the gaming industry funded a goodly portion of his reelection campaign. At one time politicians would at least try and hid the fact they are bought and paid for by corporate masters.

The whole show disgusts me.

About the best we can hope for is political gridlock. If anything gets done by what's left of this congress, it won't be to help the little guy.

I'd rather watch the lake freeze than follow the news.



  1. Let's call a spade a spade. The Republicans refuse to extend unemployment, and they have a 41% majority (like that makes sense) in the Senate. They are holding a lot of stuff hostage for extending the tax cuts.

    Now, if the Democrats had any stones at all, they'd call the bluff, let all the cuts expire unless the GOP caved on unemployment.

    But the Democrats are really bad at politics.

    And the unwashed masses who hate Wall Street and the Washington Elite will vote more fucking Republicans in.

    Which makes every bit as much sense as a 41% majority.

  2. Para-cynic, you understand what's going on and the reasons for my disgust.

  3. Hey! Found your blog by way of Wildflower and Mayberry.


  4. "Neither your Liberty, nor your Property are safe while Congress is in session." Mark Twain

    It's been a long road...