Thursday, December 2, 2010

Water Break

I'm still hanging around my daughter's house in the city. Yesterday afternoon there was a water break in a major supply line. Water pressure soon dropped and in a couple hours was reduced to a trickle.

The thing that really bothered me was there was very little I could do about it. Living in the country, I've lots of options if the taps run dry. Since it's my own water system, if it breaks, I'm the one to fix it. If it can't be fixed, I could take a water jug down to the well and fill it from the overflow. Should something be wrong with that, there's aways the lake and a water filter.

Those options weren't open to me in the city. It really went against my nature to just wait for the city crews to fix the problem. Even entertained the idea of setting up some water catchment since rain was predicted. Of course, 12 hours later the problem was fixed. Everyone will soon forget how tenuous their water supply is.

Hope to get my daughter to store some water for emergencies, but all I can do is plant the idea.

The plan for a long term emergency? Drive up to New Hampshire and stay at my house.



  1. When Hurricane Ivan took out Pensacola's water supply we went weeks before we could drink the water.

  2. When the public water came by here, I refused to hook up to it. I prefer my own well, under my own control and of course, Mother Natures's too.

    Now I hear that the county is going to put meters on private wells and charge for taking the county's water. You know the water that God put under the ground. . . Big brother is coming.

  3. Dizzy, that would get me soooo angry.

  4. That's my plan too.

    Hope you have extra room.

  5. Actually, it's the urban/rural trade off. She doesn't have to maintain a well, or dig a new one if it dries up. No way could a city work with 50,000 individual water sources.

    You have access to a bunch of options. But you need to be a bit of a plumber, carpenter, electrician etc.

    Plus, if that big emergency is a major medical emergency, which each of us is more likely to experience than zombie invasion or the rapture or a dirty bomb explosion, she's three miles from a very good hospital. You'd better hope the roads are clear, and that it isn't a bad stroke or heart attack or that you missed the artery.

    It's a matter of what you want to be prepared to deal with.

  6. para-cynic -sure, I'll squeeze you in somewhere. As for medical, it looks like I'll have a live in paramedic.

  7. Dizzy, I would have a very long list of four letter words for the county. And a very loaded weapon for the nimrod who came along to install such a meter...

    Sixbears, I always have at least 20 gallons of water stashed. Which is more than enough to get us to the farmstead where the well is...

  8. Found out my daughter had a gallon -which is one gallon more than I thought she had.

  9. WATER: how great it be wasted but only when the tap runs dry does many realize how precious this stuff is.

    "how dry I am", ho ho